Netduini N3 Wifi and BME280

Hi there !
I’m trying to get a Bosch BME280 Humidity and Temperature sensor running on the N3 Wifi.
I already connected the BME via sdl sda 3,3 and GND to the board!
Now i want to get the data from the sensor, so i can write it to the sd card!
But i’m a bit confused with the C# structure and my code is not running. Can please give me someone help with that??
I have some experienceson Visual Basic but C# is new to me.
Thanks for help

The BME280 is one of the boards we have written a driver for in the Netduino.Foundation. You can find a driver for it and full instructions on how to hook up the board using I2C in the library.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you!
Used the Driver and wired it up properly, compiled the example….but it did not work.
Now i know….
……. i was mistakenly wrong with the sensor number!
I have an BME/BMP280 which can provide humidity, temperature, pressure and also altitude!
I tried out the sensor with the Arduino and it worked fine!
Is it possible(for someone here), to rewrite the Driver or just ADD the function?
Thanks again!

Sorry for bad englisch and/or asking dumb Questions!

Could you please provide a link to the sensor that you have purchased.


Hello Mark!
Bought it from the Makershop Germany:

and i also bought the BMP280 GY91 module from another Company:

The first one(BME/BMP280) can measure humidity, temperature, pressure and altitude as well.
The BMP280 on the MPU9250 module, as far as i know, can only provide humidity, temperature and pressure. But it has also a sensor that Comes up with acceleration, compass and with a gyroscope/tilt measurement.
The Specs are listet in the E-Bay description of the modules.


First thought - it says 5V in the title but states it will run on 1.8-5V. What voltage are you using for Vin? If you are using 5V then try 3.3V.

If memory serves, the Sparkfun boards has pull-up resistors on the I2C data lines (just checked our docs and it does). Looking at that board you may need to provide them. Do you have any pull-up resistors on the data and clock lines? If you do not then please try a 4K7 resistor on each of these lines tied to Vin.

I know the BME280 and BMP280 are very similar - I think the main difference is precision. We have not tested the BMP280 at the moment. It is on the list of future enhancements.


Also, if you are seeing an error from your application then can you please let us know the error message.


Hello Mark!
Tried it out with the 4,7k resistors and there is no change.
Below is the screenshot from VS with a Little failure description.

I will try the sensor tomorrow on a Arduino just to make sure it still works!