.NET on PIC (pic16F or pic18F)

is there anyway to use a .net code on PIC16F or PIC18? if yes how can i do it i can’t find any cross compiler just i hate c/c++ i don’t know why… thank you.

I am not aware of anyway of taking .NET code and converting it to run on a PIC microcontroller.


Salam alikom, i want to thank you for your reply, but is there any attempts to do that? because when i saw the Meadow projects and the Netduino (it was news for me because i’m seeing it for the first time) i thought that "finally they found a solution that we can run a .NET code on a PIC, but it was not, but i want to thank all the workers, and i hope one day we will achieve that level.
i wish you all the best.