N3 WiFi - Unable to update firmware

Hi All,

I’ve just unboxed my Netduino 3 WiFi and cannot update the firmware. Neither the legacy updater or beta deploy tools (2.0.3 and 2.0.4) discover my Netduino.

I’ve followed all the instructions including applying to required WinUSB change. I’ve also installed, uninstalled, reinstalled everything and rebooted roughly a million times with no success.

Any ideas?


Have you tired another USB cable?

Does MFDeploy see it?

Hi Justin,

I can see the device in VS, MFDeploy and Zadig (in BL mode) but none of the firmware updaters see it.

Most of the time 2.0.3 doesn’t even display a window unless there’s another instance running and I have a terminate it manually.


If you need to update firmware this might help.