N3 W/ WiFi shown in DIN Rail company site

For a couple of ideas I found this site, DINrPlate via the magazine for the Raspberry Pi. They make and sell via Amazon DIN Rail mounts for various boards. They show in the middle portion of the site, which is of course one for the Arduino, who is the reason for our site. They show an N3 W/ WiFi mounted on one of the plates. Which I would want to do with either of mine who grok Ethernet of course.
Problem here is that I need to find a similar widget for Din Rail mounting a BASIC Stamp board. Reason being is that I typically build gadgetry that connect a N3 (Any variety) (originally an N1) to a BASIC Stamp 2 device. The two would work between a collection of TTL logic, typically it would include a PAL chip, such as a PAL16L8 and a serial stream from the chip would be delivered to the BASIC Stamp 2 device who is mounted in their Board of Ed boards. And then displayed in character format on a Serial configured LCD display. My next plans are to display the data in a video creation form using that company’s Propeller 1 device. For that I am still working out the details.

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