N3 has GoBus ports, where do I find matching peripherals for them?

I have an N3 with Ethernet scheduled to arrive later today. I noted when downloading its requisites from this site, that it has three GoBus ports at one end. Amazon however does not show anything concerning appropriate peripherals. What I am looking for is in fact simple ones, ordinary GPIO ones, In fact the site did show a starter kit for the (sadly) now discontinued GoBus equipped Netduino as it happens. See here NG starter kit and of course it is the same one I remember seeing at the Maker Faire years earlier.

Suggestions please folks.

“Come Watson! The game is afoot!” Sherlock Holmes (By some attributions.)

Not many goBus peripherals were released, there may be some still available. GoBus was based upon the Microsoft Gadgeteer concept and that was discontinued a while ago.

The GoBus libraries are still deployed as part of the firmware. If you are interested in how then work then I put together a module building guide a while ago.


Mouser has some, relatively expensive though
if from europe this looks promising:

Yes I looked at those. First when the original platform was at Maker Faire years earlier. And then via the Amazon website. Finally via Mouser USA.

I’m convinced I’m chasing a heard of Zebra here, with a family of frustrated lions. If I do need GoBus access I’ll probably figure out how to follow Marks’ excellent article series on building my own.