N1 and VS2013 works

And it seems betting on long shots works. The N1 I have here worked on VS2013. And it required teasing the famous “Blinky” code to do two things, opt for deployment, and set the right Micro Framework version to 4,.2. I needed to do that when VS2013 told me that it was set for 4.3, but that the board was responding the binary equivalent of “Hey! I’m running 4.2 not that 4.3 whatever that is.” Now all I need to get to work are the three Mini devices that a fellow board member sent me.
And I’m still wondering where did Chris Walker transport (in the Star Trek sense) to? Because it is still the backup elephant in the room. (He’s a good programmer that elephant!)

Doctor Who8 Gregg
“That takes me back!” (Me)