I have finally looked at my Meadow (received about a year ago). Looking at this page:

step 3 instructs me to download Meadow OS, CLI and network binaries.
The download page offers the following versions:

When I unzip it seems to already include a Meadow.CLI folder. Should I replace that with the contents? I think the timestamps on all three sets of CLI files (those included in the OS and the two CLI zip files) are all different.



Hi @Chuck_Broadwell,

You can download the latest version of Meadow.CLI ( It still compatible with the Meadow.OS and the Network zip files. Are you working on Windows or Mac? In Windows you can just flash it using the Visual Studio Extension. Make sure you’re on the latest version 0.12.3, and your project’s NuGet packages are up-to-date as well.

Thanks for the reply Jorge. I am on MacOS. I will replace the Meadow.CLI folder from the unzipped Meadow.OS with the newer version and see if I am able to do the update. I have done nothing so far. I am just trying to get familiar with Meadow. Once I am confident of the basic update procedure, then Visual Studio will be a whole new ball game and learning experience.

As far as I can tell, the steps to update the Meadow OS all worked. The one question was that for step 7 there was this warning:

(note progress percentage may be incorrect)

but it appeared that step 8 had incorrect percentages:

Chucks-Mac-Mini-Late-2093:Meadow.OS_0.4.0 chuck$ mono ./Meadow.CLI/Meadow.CLI.exe --Esp32WriteFile -f partition-table.bin --McuDestAddr 0x8000
Opening port ‘/dev/cu.usbmodem01’…ok.
Writing partition-table.bin to ESP32
Data: Initiating ESP32 download.
Data: Meadow file download to ESP32 flash at ‘0x00008000’ has begun

Data: File 826% downloaded
Data: File 843% downloaded
Data: File 859% downloaded
Data: File 876% downloaded
Data: File 893% downloaded
Data: File 909% downloaded
Chucks-Mac-Mini-Late-2093:Meadow.OS_0.4.0 chuck$

I assume this is all ok.

Hi @Chuck_Broadwell,

Yeah, the progress percentage values are bugged in the last 2 ESP Write files, its a known issue. However, it seems like everything is in order. I hope you get to run an app now.

Thanks for the confirmation.

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