Meadow - zigbee/z-wave support?


I am currently looking to build two classes of devices:

  • Battery powered, z-wave or zigbee, data collection devices.

  • Smartthings devices, z-wave based

What is the path to get zigbee and/or z-wave on the meadow?


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Welcome to the forums.

There are two possible routes open to you at the moment:

  • Use the manufacturer documentation and write a new driver
  • Take an open source driver written in C and port this to C#

The second option will probably get you going faster but please take care and attribute the original author / heed the licence agreement if you do this.

We may get some support into Meadow.Foundation (no promises).




Is there a Z-Wave or Zigbee board/kit that would be easiest path forward?

(I am not sure I can do the lift all the way, I work at the app level, not the plumbing level.)

I can see some .NET MF / Netduino work in the Zigbee direction:

What would the path be to move this toward the Meadow world?

(Ultimately, we would need a zigbee chip on the Meadow board, but that might be in our hands…)


I have done a few libraries and field gateways for wireless chipsets/protocols do you have some more background?



I suggest to check this project on github:
It is a .NET Standard 2.0 library.

That’s interesting…