Meadow x74595 example issues

Trying to follow the meadow example for the x74595, but it looks like its just a copy of the netduino code. SPI.Configuration does not exist in the meadow/ libraries that I could see. Does anyone have a working sample for this IC?

The code has been updated and is currently going through testing. Hopefully we should have an update published soon.


Looks like this is still in development. Looking at the code for Meadow.Foundation.ICs.IOExpanders.x74595:

I see the public IDigitalOutputPort CreateOutputPort(IIODevice device, IPin pin, bool initialState) method calls for an IPin. How am I supposed to supply an IPin to the register? Shouldn’t the register create its own IPin?

My understanding is that these should be created on the IIODevice. Should I be having the x74595 impliment IIODevice? Hoping someone can explain this a bit. Trying to wrap my head around this unified GPIO stuff, and how to impliment this with regards to IO expanders. The documentation is a bit spotty on the topic, as its referencing a class that is also not implimented in the library yet. The SPI documentation makes decent sense, but I just cant seem to get the two to work together to expand the ports.