Meadow w/Visual Studio 2022 for Mac

The release notes say VS 2022 for Mac is supported … but HOW?

There is no “gallery” option to install, and finally found it in the “Browse” tab under “Meadow for VS2022”… I installed that, and was able to select the project type to create a meadow project. But thats it. No way to deploy it, now way to debug it or even select “where” to deploy it.

And yes, I have installed the latest CLI and OS from the command line using the meadow tool … and updated the boards to the latests OS (both. V1 and a V2 board).

And I cant use Windows because it is under Parallels, and the devices will never communicate correctly when running a virtual OS. I have 4 of these devices, and need to stop buying them (I really want to support the project). Nothing ever works. Is this project even still active? You keep releasing hardware and need to work on the software.

After messing with things a bit and trying it from VS Code as well, I finally got the device to show up in VS 2022 for Mac. Dont ask how. It took a bit to deploy it the first time, but the sample program is now running.

This should not be that difficult. Let’s see if the basic program I want to write ( reading a serial port) and pushing out to MQTT works.