Meadow - The Future of IoT is Getting Closer

Earlier this month Wilderness Labs co-founder, Bryan Costanich blogged about the future of IoT, .NET Standard and Meadow. Today, on Kickstarter, this vision took one step closer to becoming reality.

Check out the Meadow Kickstarter page for more information about Meadow, it’s capabilities and your chance to be part of this amazing journey.

You can also hear Bryan share his vision and the state of IoT today on DotNetRocks show 1593 - IoT and .NET with Bryan Costanich.



Hi Nevyn,
Long time no see :grinning: It seems so long ago. I received an email about this project.
I was dropped out Netduino after the watch debacle, so now i write code for the Pi
Hope the Meadow project succeeds,


It’s been a while, good to hear you are still developing applications. A lot has changed over the last few years with new chips and boards arriving. I’m looking forward to Meadow as I still think that the development environments and modern language features that .NET offers are superior to any others out there.

Keep watching for the newsletter as this is an interesting time for IoT.


@Nevyn Is Meadow also using .NET MF? Or is it using Mono? How is Meadow different than the current Netduino offerings?

Meadow uses mono to facilitate .NET Standard 2.0, you can find out more on the Kickstarter page. You can also get more information from the DotNetRocks Podcast where Bryan talks about Meadow and IoT.

Meadow really offers a step forward. It is a different form factor using the Adafruit Feather layout. This makes the board compatible with a multitude of add on boards.

Meadow is also faster, using a newer microcontroller and offers more PWM pins, more memory and integrated battery management.

Meadow is a step forward, if you want to take part in this journey then check out the Kickstarter for Meadow.


I’m a bit hesitant about kickstarter projects. (from earlier days)
I do not know,… for Europe (Holland where I live) there must be good distribution points to make Meadows a success. You know, Meadows has to compete with the lowcost Raspberry Pi powered by MS IoT . I can say, that’s works very well. When Meadows is in the air :slight_smile: I will definitely test this newone, am allways curious.

Another thing, over the air updates are also possible with the Pi, but the info page said the opposite.

I think Meadow and Pi have two different purposes. Take something simple like power consumption. The STM32 can be put into a low power mode and can run on solar power or batteries a lot more effectively than the Pi. The Pi normally runs on about 300mA which will put a large strain on a remote system running on batteries.

we plan to make meadow embeddable on your own circuits, so at some point we will open source it, as well as provide guidance and such.

The above comment on the Kickstarter pages shows the commitment to allow Meadow to be embedded in products. The only way to embed a Pi into a product is to use something like the Pi Zero (for a small footprint). This will add to the overall size of any products making small products unlikely with the Pi.

Meadow also allows reuse of skills from the desktop and web world. Being able to use .NET in Azure to collate sensor data as well as on IoT devices lowers the cost of development.

As with all things, it is a case of making a choice that is right for the product under development, something I am sure you are fully aware of.