Meadow Power section


I have a few questions regarding the power section.

Where can I find a detailed description for the Meadows Board pinout, in particular AREF, BATTERY, ENABLE, RST?
Is there any schematic detailing how the power section works?
Is there a power switch/mux between the USB and the lithium battery?
What is the max load on the 3.3V and 5V power out pins?

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I going to take a shot at this and maybe someone else can chime in on this.

EN - Enable pin. This pin is responsible for turning off the device by pulling it to a logic low.

RST - Reset. Recycle the device power, similar to reboot you computer.

AREF - This pin is a voltage reference pin I believe. Meaning, it is close USB voltage if USB is plugged in or battery voltage if running on lipo. If both are connected, then the highest voltage is reflected.

BATT - the battery voltage, this is post charging. Typically, should be around 3.3v. Can also power the device from a 3.3v supply.

Hope this helps.

This pin turns off the power to the device.


3.3V - the STM32 pins in analog mode can only tolerate 3.3V. You can put 5V into the pins but only in digital mode.


Preliminary power documentation is now available.


In the page “Wilderness Labs Developer Portal”, in EN section,
“… as shown in the following schematic:”, i do not see the schematic.
Where can I see it ?