Meadow not showing up in VS for Mac

Hi. i have deployed meadow OS on the device with dfu-util successfully. the board starts up and blinks RGB.
But the board does not show up in Visual studio (for Mac) community edition.

Is there supposed to be a serial port? the only thing i see is with lsusb which gives me:
Bus 020 Device 012: ID 2e6a:0001 2e6a Meadow F7 Micro Serial: 0

dmesg doesnt show any useful info.

any ideas?

Update, There is a serial device /dev/tty.usbmodem01 created (missed that. sorry!)
and i can connect to it with screen and see output “state:” from the blinky program.

but still nothing no target showing up in Visual Studio.

Same thing for me, does anyone know how to fix it?