Meadow LiPo JST (plus I2C pinout)

I bought some no name rechargeable batteries from Amazon. They have the same JST connector that the Meadow board has. The problem is the polarity of the + and - wires are reversed.
I found this out by seeing on the web site that the Meadow conforms to the Adafruit Feather ‘specification’. On all JST lipo connection at Adafruit, the polarity is also reversed. I’m not sure why this is true.
Ok, no problem. I just switched the wires in the connector and the board started working.
In the same order from Amazon, I got an Adafruit “Feather Wing” OLED board. Feather Wing boards have the same pinout as the the Feather processor boards, so they should be stackable.
The problem is the Meadow board doesn’t follow the Feather I2C pin location, so the Feather Wing boards using I2C will not stack on the Meadow like the Adafruit’s processor boards.
I’m confused. Was this intentional?

I have checked the pin out by comparing it to the board markings on the Adafruit Feather 32u4 board and they look to match.

So if you orientate the Meadow board with the USB connector to the left and then compare the pins to the 32u4 board in the image on the page above, the pin mapping looks to match with one exception, we have a digital pin D02 where the 32u4 board has a GND pin. I notice on the OLED board the GND pin is marked as not connected so this should not matter.

Battery, you are right about the battery connector. Meadow is designed to match the Adafruit specification. You need to make sure you get the polarity correct when connecting a battery.


Ok. Now I see it. The Meadow has 4 additional pins (two each side) on the end opposite the USB connector. I was not counting total pins from the battery to I2C pins. I just looking from the end of the board towards the USB connector.

Can I also add to the I2c pinout question, the documentation states

“The I2C CLK pin can be found on the Meadow F7 Micro labeled D07.”

“The data signal wire carries the actual messages and can be found on the F7 Micro pin labeled D06.”

On the actual device SDA is D07 and SCK is D08. So which of the two is correct?

The markings on the board are correct.

I have submitted an issue in the GitHub repository


The documentation site has been updated.


Thanks for the update. I am able to connect an I2C capacitive soil sensor successfully.