Meadow F7 no comm port after DFU flash of OS

I have a new out of the box Meadow Kit. Using Windows 10 Pro fully updated. I downloaded the OS and DFU program and flashed the board. All went as expected with success reported for both files but when I reset the board it did not connect. Unplugging and replugging did not fix. I tried reflashing and it worked as before. Everything worked until I reset the board then nothing. No connect tone and no new serial port and no meadow under USB controllers in Device Manager. None of the LEDs on the board light up either except for a short red blink next to the battery header.
Any Suggestions?

I solved the problem. I tried configuring on another computer and it worked. Something on my main box is hanging the process up. I have a lot of stuff on it including dfus for other dev boards so that may be the problem.