Meadow debugging? What's the timeline for this?

I can’t seem to find any timeline for the debugging with Meadow to be available. I received my boards after waiting 2 months for shipping but I am not interested to use them until debugging is available.

You can still get debug info via Console.WriteLine. We’ve used that successfully during all of our development.

We don’t have a timeline for debugging support yet. It’ll be in the next major beta release, and we’ve got a good portion of it done, but we’re not sure how much work the next part of it is.

I think debugging and WiFi most important two things. I have stopped development until get there. Both are marked for Beta 4. Do you have any estimated timeline for Beta 4?

still no answer … i think many boards are waiting on the shelf. mine are full of dust…

I saw your other post on the G H I website, so you can guess which platform I am now going forward with. I’ve waited too long for Meadow to get the debugging working. Amazing how the old .NETMF had USB debugging and yet Meadow goes without. Any serious tool these days has in circuit debugging. Yes, console mode can be used but you are then adding code to your code.

I seriously doubt I will even pick up the Meadow boards again even if debugging comes along. There are too many things missing and not just the debugging. An LCD display capability is one of them.

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