Meadow Board Keeps Dropping Connection

Hi - Newbie here. I just received my Project Lab with Meadow Board in the mail and I’m excited to get started. I have been having intermittent connections from the board and I’m not sure why. I was able to make it through the OS loading process finally to include updating the USB driver for ST devices. The loading of the OS kept failing and then seemed to be going fine and then the connection dropped in the middle of a transfer.

I unplugged and plugged the Meadow board back in and the device bounced off and on COM Port 7 about 15 times before finally staying on. I was then able to get it into DFU mode to install the OS. This time it stayed connected and completed the OS install.

So I moved on to the Hello, Meadow example and everything seemed fine until about 30% into deployment and it dropped again. I have been trying to get it to connect again but am still having the intermittent issues. (VS 2022)

The RGB LED light cycles through blue and green (and something sort of in between) and then stop. A small orange light on the other end of the board near the micro-usb port will flicker quite a bit and then go solid. That is its current state at the moment.

I am on Windows 11 and don’t know if that OS causes some issues with a connected device like this. I’m pretty much at a loss as to what to do next.

Thanks for any help!


Quick update, the board is doing nothing now and seems to be dead. It just has this steady, always on orange light near the usb port. No other lights and no recognition at all from Windows OS that anything has been plugged in. It is essentially dead.

EDIT: Currently orange light is very rapidly flickering at a constant pace.

Yeah, that doesn’t look good! Per our email, we’ll get that replaced for you. :slight_smile:

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Got the new board today and currently have it running the Hello World application.

Thanks again for the outstanding customer service!