Meadow and VB.Net

I would like to create VB.Net application for Meadow board. Could you update VS Meadow Extensions for VB.NET template or give same advices how to preconfigure VS for that idea, please?

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I second this… sadly most of my programming experience is in

I have no time for unnecessary refactoring my ideas, code and solutions from VB in to C#.
So I will utilize VB as long as possible. Please find below attached short instruction how to start VS2019 VB and Meadow (for all of you interested like me).

Start VS2019
Create a new application and choose Meadow Application template
In Solution Explorer highlight and right click the just created new application
From drop-down menu select Convert to VB
Accept “Overwrite solution and referencing project”
Accept “Reload again”
Replace the originally translated by VS2019 line of code in Private Sub Initialize()

onboardLed = New RgbPwmLed(device:=App(Of Global.Meadow.Devices.F7Micro, Global.MeadowApplication14.MeadowApp).Device, redPwmPin:=App(Of Global.Meadow.Devices.F7Micro, Global.MeadowApplication14.MeadowApp).Device.Pins.OnboardLedRed, greenPwmPin:=App(Of Global.Meadow.Devices.F7Micro, Global.MeadowApplication14.MeadowApp).Device.Pins.OnboardLedGreen, bluePwmPin:=App(Of Global.Meadow.Devices.F7Micro, Global.MeadowApplication14.MeadowApp).Device.Pins.OnboardLedBlue, 3.3F, 3.3F, 3.3F, Peripherals.Leds.IRgbLed.CommonType.CommonAnode)

with the new one:

onboardLed = New RgbPwmLed(Device, Device.Pins.OnboardLedRed, Device.Pins.OnboardLedGreen, Device.Pins.OnboardLedBlue)

Private Sub Initialize() will look like

Private Sub Initialize()
Console.WriteLine(“Initialize hardware…”)
onboardLed = New RgbPwmLed(Device, Device.Pins.OnboardLedRed, Device.Pins.OnboardLedGreen, Device.Pins.OnboardLedBlue)
End Sub

Enjoy the VB

Fantastic thx kggnss!

I was experimenting with VB.NET over the weekend - I have a “Blinky” sample here if anyone wants to give it a try: