Meadow and System.Device.Gpio

Are there any plans to support ?

It seems like a huge duplication of efforts and fragmentation of the platform.

They already have lots of device bindings

Is there some technical reason Meadow F7 board support could not be added to System.Device.Gpio ?

I believe that System.Device.Gpio is a Netstandrd library and at the present moment, Meadow only has support for NET471 libraries. Hardware looks good, but software and pricing still has a long way to go. But I am waiting to see what Meadow has to offer once these are resolved.

Yes , right now it is, IIRC, Mono based but it is advertised as “Meadow: Full-stack .NET Standard IoT platform.” and it would seem a great fit with less fragmentation.

I wonder when Meadow will work with .NET Standard as advertised?

From the landing page:

Professional Grade®
Runs full .NET Standard 2.0 Libraries.
Updateable over the air.
Complete documentation with great guides and samples.

We don’t have any plans to support the Windows.IoT APIs. It could certainly be a community project to add a shim layer, but it’s not recommended. Better to just use the Meadow APIs.

Also, those APIs are not part of the .NET Standard 2.0 surface area; they’re additional nugets that are Standard 2.0 compatible. We do have support for the core 2.0 surface area via .NET 4.7.2, and we’ll continue to track the releases.

By the way, feel free to let us know if there are any device drivers in there that you’d like ported, and we’ll prioritize them!

I think that once you start playing with the Meadow API, you’ll understand why we’ve taken a radically different approach. We’ve thought about every piece of it, and asked ourselves, how can we make building IoT easy for our users.

My device should be here soon and I’ll get playing with the Meadow API and see how it goes!

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