Meadow and pull up/down resistors


Looking at some sample code i see that it in some places state that the built in digital input resistors are not working and that i need to connect my own.

But on one page it states that this “bug” is fixed. “ - Fixed. You no longer need external PU/PDs, you can use the internal ones.”

Anyone who can elaborate as to what information is correct or am i just looking in the wrong place?

Providing my own pull-down resistor i can read the digital input state just fine but i can not get the event to work, i have tried different interrupt settings but the event is never fired. Any idea as to what i do wrong?

Im on 0.3.8

Pull-up and pull-down resistors should work but we are aware of an issue with interrupts.

I believe a fix is coming in beta 3.9 which we are working on at the moment. This should be released very soon.