LoRa Library for Netduino

Hi all,

I have been working on a WIndows 10 IoT Core LoRa library which I have just about finished back porting to .NetMF.

I have been testing the code with my Netduino3 devices + shields from Elecrow, Dragino and MakerFabs.

Currently doing some stress testing and will put code on github shortly…

NZ is 915MHz ISM band, beta testers from other countries which use 434MHz, 868MHz etc. would be helpful.

Now we can build long range low power IoTdevices running .NetMF



Bryn! This is awesome, you want to contribute the driver to Netduino.Foundation so that folks can find it easily?

Hi all,

LoRa NetMF C# client code available at

Tested mainly with Netduino, trialling with ingenuitymicro, have hacked up PoC with GHI Fez Panda III

Working on range testing + configuration tweaks for both .NetMF & WIndows10IoTCore versions.

I’m currently adding basic addressing next (compile conditional if you want to DIY)

Stress tested with many *duino device clients

Plays nice with other Arduino LoRa stacks (Arduino-LoRa & airspayce)


Nice work :slight_smile:


Do you have any recommendations for modules?



Depending on what frequency bands are available in your region,

I have used these shields from these two vendors with N3 devices

For dragino shields need to set jumpers according to

Have couple of these on order for testing

I am working on RPI & NW3 field gateways to provide connectivity to Azure IoT Hubs & AdaFruit.IO.

New version of .NetMF library going live tonight with addressing.


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Very interesting. Keep on going!

Hi all,

Now have a demo Netduino 433/868/915MHz client

For my AdaFruit.IO and Azure IoT Hub gateways

When I get some time I’ll look at building a N3W based Adafruit.IO gateway.


Good stuff. Please keep going.

Hi, Nice job! is this merged into netduino foundation? i have a pile of different Lora modules and i’ll happily test on 868mhz as soon as i can get my workshop ready. We have two LoraWan gateways.

Hi Tomas,

The client code is not merged into the Netduino Foundation as it will also build for IoTNet, GHI and MikroBus.Net devices.

Note it’s a LoRa stack with addressing not LoRaWan implementation.

A port of a library like LMIC to C# on NetMF would be hard work esp. with any timing critical bits of the protocol.

Using my AdaFruit.IO and Azure IoT Hub/Azure IoT Central field gateways (looking at other cloud IoT Services) cheap n cheerful embedded devices can upload telemetry data to the cloud.


The makerfabs shields worked just fine