Looking for "Netduino Plus with HW watchdog" binaries

Hi all,

I have a Netduino Plus (1), which I use for home automation. Every now and again it crashes and is the unrecoverable without being reset. The old post ( looks like the solution I need. However, the forum is closed, so one cannot download the binaries and the source code can’t be compiled since RVDS 4.1 is deprecated and you can’t get a license for it anymore.

I am desperate to find a copy of the binaries that were hosted on the old site @

Is there anyone who has these files or knows where I can find them?


I have uploaded the binaries here.


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for the files. I’ll give them a try as soon as I can.

Hi Dean,

I use a hardware watchdog on my home monitoring system just in case. Cheap breakout board on a nRF24L01P shield