Loading new application files in the field

I would like to deploy my Netduino Plus 2 based system in the field but I need to be able to do remote upgrades of the application. Is there a way I can send an application hex file to the SD card have tiny bootloader grab the new application file from the SD card? or is there some other mechanism that will allow a remote upgrade of the application?

For this application, the system is deployed remotely and rolling a truck to touch the device for an upgrade is too expensive.

This document seems to be decribing exactly what I need: https://github.com/WildernessLabs/Netduino_SDK/blob/master/HowToDocs/NetMF%20Software%20Updates.pdf

It describes a class Microsoft.SPOT.MFUpdate.MFFirmwareUpdate but it doesn’t appear that the netduino SDK doesn’t support this class??? Also, the document talks about samples… how to I get them?

For the moment the only supported method of updating the Netduino is using the USB port.

In addition to the samples provided by Wilderness Labs there are samples in the SDK.


Forgive my ignorance with this question… I’ve been using Netduino environment and framework for the last 5 months or so but I haven’t done any development for it, yet.

Is the code for the Tiny Booter publicly available? Can I build it and customize it?

Where can I get the memory map for where the tiny booter, the micro framework and application are loaded in flash?

How big of a project do you think it would be to customize it to write an application file from and SD card or other NVM on our system?

Thanks for all the support so far.

The Netduino SDK is open source and available in the Wilderness Labs GitHub Repository. This repository includes the code for both TinyBooter and TinyCLR.