Library for Dragino Lora Shield

Is there a NETMF C# library available to assist with Lora P2P development, using the Dragino Lora Shield as radio link?
Here is a link to one shield available on the internet:
I scoured the internet but could only find code for the RaspBerry Pi and Windows IoT Core. I think the Raspberry Pi is a bit too power hungry for most remote IoT applications, therefore my interest in using NetDuino.
Your help shall be much appreciated.

There isn’t one that I know of, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to port the Windows IoT Core driver to Netduino.

Can you post a link to the driver source?

Here is the link to the Windows IoT code:

You might be right, could be easy to port. Does not look as if make any use of generics, async/await and all those new C# features.

In retrospect, I had another look and the code does indeed use generics and the Task<> paradigm. Porting could be a bit tricky…

Yeah, I see that. But it looks like a lot of that library is actually to support some of their other boards. It might not be that much work getting a basic LoRa driver up.

True. I’ll have a look. Thanks for the feedback.


Just incase anyone lands here looking for a LoRa NetMF driver and misses my other post :slight_smile: