Is there a table of what shields work on the platform?

Back on the other company’s board, a discussion surfaced showing what different shields would work on that style Netduino. For example, the prototype one certainly does. The user ends up writing code to support what’s been installed on the prototype device. But for the Netduino type one, or the Netduino type three with either Ethernet or no networking, the question remains, has anyone gotten any of the generic wireless networking ones to work for example? (Generic in this case means it uses the ones based on the ESP8266 platform, to work it would need a different environment to program it.) And the shield based on the YUN design. Oddly enough the same vendor also sells a WiFi one based on the CC3000. So there you go group. Obviously code would be needed to support such devices. Almost forgot, there is also a USB Host shield as well.