Is Netduino Go supported?

i want to use my Netduino Go with Go Shield for my kid’s science project but I cannot get it to work when deploying from Visual Studio 2015, I get this error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error 0x80131700 HelpingHand C:\Users\TWINS\documents\visual studio 2015\Projects\HelpingHand\HelpingHand\MMP

Please advise.

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I too would like to know if Netduino Go is supported. I just opened the box I purchased some years ago.

Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 recognizes my Netduino Go but when attempting to push a one line of code I get the 0x80131700 error in Visual Studio.

We aren’t doing any active development on Netduino Go, as Gadgeteer (which Go was based off of) has been discontinued. However, we haven’t changed anything there, either. It should work as it once did.

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Hi Bryan, I was able to get the Netduino Go to work, however I’ve ran into 2 issues, one of them was the very well known Roslyn issue for the Diagnostics class (That’s what I remember) and the second was that my potentiometer, RGB LED and Piezzo would work just fine but my ShieldBase will not be recognized on class initialization, so I ended up using my Netduino Plus 2 instead.

Topic aside, I was trying to get 5 Futaba S3001 servos to work all at the same time using the PWN ports but seems like the Netduino Plus 2 chocks having more than one servo working at the time. Sometimes 2 would work inconsistently but 5 would not definitely work. My Arduino Uno works like a charm with 4 Tactic servos. Any advise on that?