Introducing, Meadow!


If you haven’t already heard, Wilderness Labs just announced Meadow! Soon, you’ll be able to run full, .NET Standard 2.x apps (via Mono) on a microcontroller. Inspired by Netduino.Foundation, Meadow includes a massive peripheral driver library and APIs that make hardware development a truly plug & play experience. It’s also cloud-managed, secure, and completely embeddable.

Meadow is designed to run on a variety of microcontrollers, and our first developer board is based on the STM32F7 chip. The F7 line is the successor to the F4, which has 2x the power yet uses half the energy. The F7 also includes a number of features such as built-in JPEG codec for handling camera and video streams, as well as 2D graphics accelerator for providing UX on a variety of screens.

Best yet, the Meadow F7 board is Adafruit Feather-compatible, with built-in LiPo/Lilon battery charging, so you can easily run it from a batter and even provide charging from a solar panel.

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