Ili9488 Display with Meadow?

Has anyone been able to get a Ili9488 based display (like those found on Amazon) working on Meadow? The sample wiring diagram in the Meadow Foundation documentation is actually just a copy of the ST7889 display. At power on, I’m getting a fully white screen and then after initializing, I’m getting a change in the screen brightness to maybe 50%, but no apparent reaction to the display code.

Hi Kelly,

Just yesterday we discovered a bug in the ILI9488 driver (we saw the same behavior).

The good news is - we’ve found the problem and fixed the driver and we’re doing the final testing now.

We’ll ship a new driver with the next Meadow release. If you want to try the fix before we release I can put together a sample the references the driver code directly from Meadow.Foundation.



Thanks for the response. Great that you were at least able to reproduce. It’s not urgent, how soon do you expect the release of the update? If it’s going to be a while, then it would be helpful to get the driver code as you suggest. Thanks again!

We’re targeting the end of August, so ideally within the next 3 weeks.

Did this driver get fixed? If so, what do I need to do to get the updated code? If not, what is the updated timeline? Thanks!

Any update on this topic? Did the bug in the ILI9488 driver get fixed and released?

Trying to connect my display to FMv2. But I cannot get the display to even light up. Would you mind sharing your wiring diagram?