HttpClient memory leak

Hello all,

My board:
ID: Meadow by Wilderness Labs, Model: F7Micro, MeadowOS Version: (Mar 24 2021 10:49:52), Processor: STM32F777IIK6, Processor Id: 26-00-30-00-0a-51-36-35-32-38-33-34, Serial Number: 346338623536, CoProcessor: ESP32, CoProcessor OS Version:, Mono Version:, Device Name: MeadowF7


When I’m running a loop with a HttpClient Get Request every minute, Meadow stops running after 1 day.
I make use of the example described in Wilderness Labs Developer Portal
I also use the Watchdog code to prevent a crash if Meadow becomes unresponsive.
If I check the free memory after each loop (GC.GetTotalMemory(forceFullCollection: false) / 1024f / 1024f), I’ve noticed that the memory is eaten up little by little so I think there is somehow a memory leak.
I tried so many things but I only want to start my project if the board keeps on running and I can trust it.

Any ideas are welcome!

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