HttpClient Issues - 404 on BaseAddress

I know this is probably not a Meadow specific question.

I am trying to use the HttpClient.GetAsync method to get some data from the API.
This API uses some address like:

If you go to that URL, it’ll give you a 404 not found.
Though if you add the correct path after that url, it will give you a result.

I think the issue lies with the base address returning a 404, because I get an error:
No such host is known

This makes sense if the check is based on a status code for the base url.
pinging the base address using the CMD also doesn’t return any data.

Is there any way to skip this host check?

Thanks in advance!

Try using the actual IP address of in the URL and then set the HTTP HOST header field to “”. I have the same issue with a lot of different sites. I was able to work around it by doing this.