How to make a circuit to run DFRobot with a Netduino

Hello, I ordered a DF Robot kit and got some help to put it together.

I want to control the wheels with my netduino.

What I want to do is simple. Press the netduino’s button, and start the 4 wheels in the same direction, full power.

When I try to make it run with one wheel plugged in my breadboard, it works, the wheel move.

But when I add a second wheel, nothing happens. It seems that I don’t have enough power to make the wheels move.

The netduino is powered by a 9volt battery. When I press the button, the netduino let the big power source ( 5 AA batteries , as suggested in the kit) flow in the motors. (this is how I see it correct me if I’m wrong.)

( note that I removed the resistor)

Basically, I’m doing the exact same thing with my df-robot kit.

The motors negative wires are all lined up in the #5 pin of the 4n35 transistor. The 4 positive wires are all lined up with the positive power source positive wire. (5 new AA batteries)

I’m using the 4n35 transistor that came with my netduino kit I ordered.

But before I go on and buy something along the lines of a motor shield, is there a way to get it working with my current setup ?

You need a voltage protect circuit like this.

Thanks for your help.

Depending on the mosfet and the load of the motor you’d might want to add a mosfet driver as well