How to generate binary file and flash that without visual studio for netduino 2

hi to all!

I have some pieces of Netduino 2 board and I’m developing with VS2010 express edition.

I need to generate a binary file (like a .hex or similar) and then flash it to netduino.

I can use Visual Studio for generate the binary file but I don’t want to use Visual Studio for program the Netduino 2 board (because many time I must use a PC without VS2010 or I have not access to my source code… And all I can have is a kind of binary file, an internet connection and all any kind of external software for flash that I can put in a external hdd).

So there is a software, a tool, or something else that can flash a Binary file to Netduino 2 without using visual studio?!

Anyone know something or have an idea please feel free to post a Replay! Really many thanks!

Have a nice day and weekend

You can use mfdeploy.

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thanks you

I will try asap!

I have just downloaded the SP1 from:


You dont need to download MFDeploy as its part of the NETMF 4.3 SDK install.

You can find it here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.3\Tools\MFDeploy.exe

If you are using NETMF 4.3 then the version should be

The link you have posted is very old so dont use that.

To create an applicaton hex file from a running app in your device do this

MFDeploy > Target > Application Deployment > Create Application Deployment

That will create a hex file of you app.

To load your app into a device Click the bottom Browse button select you hex file and click Deploy.

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