How much memory

Since I’m not sure if I will get the Micro SD card working for my project, I might go for another solution. I would have stored some midi files on the SD card. Can I store files in flash memory instead and read data from there on runtime? The Netduino 3 has some 1.4 MB flash. A midi file for my project only needs some 2 - 4 kB. And I’d want some 20 midi files. How much memory does a typical program, like Blinky, occupu of flash memory?
Eventually I’ll find a 2 GB SD card somewhere and get it working, but I need a quick solution for replacing the SD card with other systems.

I believe that you can use cards greater then 2GB, you simply put a 2GB partition on the card as the first partition on the card. I’ve not tried it myself but believe it works.

Have you tried using embedded resources in the project?

The following should display the amount of free memory when an application is deployed:



I’ve tried to partition a 16 GB card to one single partition, 1 GB. I tried FAT and FAT32. Neither works.

Embedded resources sounds good. Will they go into the flash memory? Can I just throw a bunch of midi files into the resources and read them in the code?