Help needed to build a drone


I want to program a flight controller using C# and modern coding techniques and need help with the hardware.

Your Meadow F7v2 Core-Compute Module seems like an excellent choice, but I don’t have enough expertise to turn it into something like this:

I need to do this first before getting too deep into code, because it’d be near impossible to accurately simulate things like enertia and vibrations that depend heavily on the drone’s overall weight (and its distribution).

I’ve done this before using Rx .NET (observables) and running on Windows IoT Core, but had problems with reliability. More specifically, accuracy was compromised (because it’s not a RTOS) and off-board PWM would “get stuck” when user code fails (which is a true danger with powerful carbon-fibre rotors).

My work is open source and I intend to keep it that way. Let me know if you have any advice or if you’d like to collaborate.

I’m and old user and remember the joys of programming the SIM900 GSM on Netduino back when Codeplex was still a thing. Thanks for keeping .NET alive on micro-controllers, and keep up the good work!