Has anyone ported a project from a Netduino 3 to a Meadow project?

What should I expect if I try to move my project?


Yes, as we’ve been writing drivers for Meadow I’ve ported a lot of the sample projects from Netduino to Meadow.

There are really two things to think about when porting:
First is the hardware APIs, the way we interact with GPIO pins, SPI, I2C, etc. is different on Meadow but the general concepts are the same. You’ll need to port to the new Meadow hardware APIs. The docs for Meadow are a great resource, and you can also compare the sample projects in Netduino.Foundation and Meadow.Foundation to see the changes.

Second are the C# & .NET APIs; almost any C# code written for Netduino will work for Meadow today. That being said, with Meadow you have access to a modern version of .NET and in my opinion it’s worth reviewing and updating your code and modernizing it. Having access to modern C# syntax, Task APIs, generics, etc. gives you the opportunity in a lot cases to streamline the code.

If you hit any bumps porting please post again and we’d be happy to help.