Hardware reference manual


I’m just starting to get into this and am awaiting the arrival of my Meadow Hack Kit Pro. We’re looking to possibly integrate this into our own custom hardware and I’m starting the PCB design. I do a lot of this sort of stuff, and always start by reading and understanding the the hardware reference manual for any chips or modules we use. I went looking for something like this for this module but so far cannot find anything. Apart from the obvious pinout information, I also need electrical specs (I/O voltages, current limits, power draw etc.), and mechanical dimensions etc. - i.e. the typical data sheet or reference manual that one normally gets with professional hardware like this. Is there anything like this? If so I would really appreciate a link.

Thanks in advance,

Datasheet is in draft. I’ll DM you.

I have also been looking for this information. I plan on buying a few Meadows after the New Year, sadly I missed the release of Meadow. Could you add me to the DM list @bryancostanich?