Go my Netduino WiFi in today very happy

I bought on a while back When contest started to make sure it would have one for contest now I have 2…


Hi Jade!

Enjoy your Netduino 3 Wifi boards!

If you havent already, feel free to follow the Getting Started guide to setup your environment machine. If you encounter any bumps on the way, please let us know so we can help out

Happy hacking! :slight_smile:

After to setup my environment for Netduino 3 Wifi in Windows 10/Visual Studio 2015 it was working perfect, but after USB interface was not working properly. I try to return to the first form as it is described in https://github.com/WildernessLabs/Netduino-Updater/blob/master/bootloader_winusb_guide.md without success. To have Windows working properly I need to reinstall it with corresponding losts. Do you see a solution for this USB driver problem?

Well, I got my Netduino Wifi for my idea in the contest. I was so happy about it, so I decided to answer the questionary just “pro bono”, adding a note that I don’t need another Netduino and if I was picked to receive one for free for answering the questionary, they could as well pick again to have someone else get it. Turned out I was picked nevertheless! Though this is the Ethernet version. Ok, I already paid the posting for it, so soon I’ll have two Netduinos. I might give one to my school. Anyway, in return I will make a project, where I describe how to create a joystick using the black plastic bag, which wraps around the Netduino in the delivery box.