FT232H I2c Meadow 1.3.4

I am trying to get the I2c to work using a Adafruit FT232H in a meadow Version 1.3.4.environment.

It is a Windows Application.

Can anyone confirm that it works?

This is the code I’m trying to use:

_expander = new Ft232h();
bus = _expander.CreateI2cBus(_expander.Pins.D0, _expander.Pins.D1, Meadow.Hardware.I2cBusSpeed.Standard);
var Sensor = new Mpr121(bus, 0x5A, 100);
Sensor.ChannelStatusesChanged += Sensor_ChannelStatusesChanged;

Very simple.

The creation of the Mrp121 objects takes a very long time. No exceptions of any kind are thrown.
And the event never gets thrown after the initialization.

Also the same code works when connected to meadow.

Connection an RGB Led to the ft232 works just fine. It just seems like the i2c implementation is not working. Or Im missing something.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Currently the FT232H does not work with I2C due to a bug in FTDI’s mpsse library. We do have a branch of the driver code that uses the ft2xxx driver instead, and it does work with a simple device like a BME280 but it doesn’t work with SPI and it has not been heavily tested or hardened.

Thanks you so much for the response.
I will try that branch.