First HelloWorld Deploy attempt failed

Hi All,

Just received the meadow F7v2, I’ve installed the latest FW via Zadig (v6.1.7600.16385),
I’ve created new Medow project in VS2019, pressed deploy on the project, and all i get is steady blue led on the meadow board, and "Launching application… "message in visual studio,

Any idea what am i missing here ?

Thanks !

Hi! Hopefully you haven’t been beating your head against the wall for too long. I had the same issue. In the build one thing that tipped me off was it was unable to find mono. By running meadow mono update rt in the cli I was able to get mono onto the board, and then meadow mono enable to start mono. After that it gave errors about missing system.dll and a few others, so I deployed again and am up and running. Hopefully this helps!

Is there a doc for flashing firmware? I am having trouble with the ESP2 flash process and would like to see if it’s the main firmware causing problems. I can do a flash OS fine, but it fails on the last step downloading MeadowComms.bin to the ESP2 chip

Hi Ben,
Thanks for responding,
I got help from someone in “Public Slack - Wildernesslabs”,
I had to update to the latest OS through windows Powershell and that solved my issue.

Thanks Again !