Failed to connect to Meadow COM Port issue


I’ve been hitting this problem where the Meadow can’t be found. I updated the drive to WinUSB. Looking at the devices in windows I can see the Meadow or ST there isn’t a COM port associated. I did try USB driver called “USB Serial” which does seem to work to get the meadow to have a COM port.

Meadow list port will show the port (sometimes) but when I try a “device info” or any command it fails with a “Failed to connect”

Oddly flash os seems to work most times

I’ve tried this on 2 different PCs (Win10 20H2) with both a v1 and v2 board.

meadow list ports
Found Meadow: COM3

meadow device info
Connecting to Meadow on COM3
Failed to connect to Meadow on COM3
System.Exception: Device not ready after 00:01:00s
at Meadow.CLI.Core.Devices.MeadowSerialDevice.InitializeAsync(CancellationToken cancellationToken) in D:\a\1\s\Meadow.CLI.Core\Devices\MeadowSerialDevice.cs:line 98
at Meadow.CLI.Core.DeviceManagement.MeadowDeviceManager.GetMeadowForSerialPort(String serialPort, Boolean verbose, ILogger logger) in D:\a\1\s\Meadow.CLI.Core\DeviceManagement\MeadowDeviceManager.cs:line 58
System.Exception: Device not ready after 00:01:00s

I’m having, more or less, the same issue; I get a different error but it does timeout. Mine used to work, but not anymore. I figured I killed something while desoldering, but now I’m starting to wonder. Deployment Timeout / Failure

Is your Meadow brand new or have you loaded apps to it previously?

I have both a new V2 and older V1 which I’ve upgraded. I’ve been able to get programs running and debugging using usbser (which is an zadig option)

I did run into a problem debugging because mono wasn’t updated. (I just saw the error before it scrolled off the screen) After updating I could debug

So you were finally able to connect or are you still having problems with meadow device info ?

When I use the usbser driver everything works