F7v2 CAN Bus documentation

I’m trying to make use of the CAN bus with an F7v2:

The only breadcrumb i’ve been able to find is the Meadow.Hardware.ICanChannelInfo interface; looking at its source doesn’t provide much in the way of clarity…

I’d appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction; thank you!!


P.S.: I’m using the Project Lab Board, so I’m happy to try one of the CAN “Click” modules from MikroE, but I’m way over my head as far as which one would be most appropriate for use with Meadow. It looks as though a peripheral class might need to be added; is that something we might crowdsource? IINM, it’s just a matter of transliterating C++ written for some other MCU. I’d be happy to contribute labor to the effort, but I’d need a bit of guidance from a real computer scientist…

CAN right now is challenging for a few reasons. The Meadow processor has CAN support, and the pins are brought out to available connectors. To use them you still need a CAN transceiver. Those are cheap and readily available, but right now we don’t have an internal CAN driver working (it’s on my list, but it’s currently non-trivial for the OS branch we’re on).

Another option would be an external component like the MikroE stuff you suggest. The fun there is they seem to have a dozen different modules, with different usage recommendations. I’ll pick up a couple, but it will help to know what your intended use is. OBD-II? Industrial? Something else?

Thank you!

My primary near-term interest involves OBD-II; please let me know if I can help pick up and slack/research/etc

Excellent, so primarily reading then. I just started a driver for the MCP2515 and for hardware I’m using the Mikroe-986 (CAN SPI Click 3.3V) on a ProjLab. You could do it with a breadboard as well. I’m hoping it can pull J1939 messages - I have a simulator I’ll hook up for testing. I also picked up 2 other CAN Mikroe modules (2900, 2299) as well, so I should be able to get it working.

The code is here right now:

Side note - I rarely check these Forums. You’re better off posting in our public Slack channel.

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I’m in need of CAN drivers as well. I will be using it for instrumenting an all-mechaincal diesel engine where there is no existing OBDII bus. I finally located some MCP2562FD transceivers that I want to use. I’m very interested in CAN support in Meadow!