Digital Pins active during boot up?


I have connected relays to D08 and D06 the strange thing is that besides D08 and D07 all D** Pins seem to be active during boot up. Therefore, the relay on D06 is active during the boot up process. Once the Pin is initialized by C# code and deactivated, the Pin works as expected. The problem is that the relay should not be triggered during the boot up.

Is this the intended Pin behavior?
If yes can I configure the board that these pins are not active during boot-up?
If no would could be reason for this behavior?

If I executed the following code directly after boot my relay will be turned off on D06 after around 2 seconds

Device.CreateDigitalOutputPort(Device.Pins.D06, true).Dispose();

The same code has no effect for D08 because D08 seems to be already set to true.

Device.CreateDigitalOutputPort(Device.Pins.D08, true).Dispose();

I want the same behavior of D08 on D06 is this possible?

Thank you for your help

Hi Crone,
another solution would be to use a logic AND gate (IC 7408).

The first input of the AND gate would then be with D08 and the output with the relay. If the boot process is finished, then the second input of the AND gate can be switched through with another pin.