Did anyone preserve the Wiki from the original Netduino site?

In using Google to find the necessary pages to describe how to update the runtime information on the Netduino Minis I have here, I found that the original site in the form of the original forum was still preserved as is. Obviously the site says there that its static and that new users are instructed to turn to the site here. And it gets peculiar, on one of the discussions, there it describes the Wiki for more information on flashing the Mini with both the the bootloader and and the Dot-Net Micro Edition image that the user plans on using for new project deployment. One of the things I remember that when I needed to do that, I needed to make use of a regular RS232 connection via an Atmel application to do so. And it was complicated. It’s those instructions I need to find. The Netduino 1 I do not need to change.

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And I have since discovered that the Wayback machine that Sherman runs was in fact not able to archive the site.