Device not found Netduino

Hi everyone, I recently acquired a netduino 2 plus, I worked with it for a few days without problems, until my PC stopped recognizing it, it marked me with a “1 device not found usb: nedtduino” error, and I tried the following: uninstall visual studio 2012 and reinstall, reinstall the microframework 4.3.2 and the netduino SDK, try using the MFDeploy but it doesn’t detect it either, I don’t know what else to do, could anyone help me? thanks

Performing tests, repair the Netduino_SDK again, working correctly. The problem arises due to the use of the integrated push button, I used it sometimes and I was resetting netduino, I will avoid its use in my programs from now on

This should get you going.

Hello, again I have problems with my netduino, I have decided to update its firmware to 4.3.1, but I do not find clear information about the process to follow, i have tried to do it manually since the Mfdeploy does not recognize me netduino, see that I need the following software: “DFU tester”, “DFU file manager” and DFUSEdemo, the latter if I have it, however “DFU tester”, “DFU file manager” I can’t find them anywhere and I’m about to leave the platform Netduino, could someone help me? Thank you

This should help

Here is the link