Developing for earlier Netduino devices

I got my start first programming the Mini. The one I did buy found its way into a customer’s project. That customer who chose to remain anonymous for this discussion, has decided to not pursue a new gadget for that platform. However that being said is there some way to convince VS2015 to support the devices, such as the Netduino One? Or the Mini?
I feel that unless I do find these missing methods out, I’m going to end up setting up a machine running XP of all things to run a VS2010 development station solely for the purposes of running development for the earlier ones. I’ll probably do that anyway as I’ve suddenly found inspiration for an idea for the Mini and of all things a BASIC Stamp who’s job would be of coordinating information for an LCD window. That is it would be sending text data to a display based on the classic two line by twenty character liquid crystal displays that most of us work with. I’ve done that with the N1 and even with the N3 who VS2015 does properly grok but the N1 and the Mini I’m not sure of. For sending blink to the N1 VS2015 gets confused. Advice please folks.

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Simpler to use a modern STM32 with Visual Studio 2019…

Um no. The code was originally written for the Mini. There are features embedded in the code, that may not be changeable to the N3 designs. However, I have gotten the a complete rewrite to work on an N3, but it was not successful in that it did not deliver appropriate responses.
And in this case it was from code written for the N1. Ideally in ths case the Mini was originally chosen because the form factor matches that of the BASIC Stanmp2 design.

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I have build Mini compatible boards running NETMF4.4 using VS2019 with both STM32F411 and STM32F405 processors.

And I do not have the resources for doing that, but I do have VS2019 here. But I’m still waiting on responses from others.

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I have spare ones available of you get stuck.