Deploying Netduino plus 4.2 firmware on Netduino

A friend of mine erased his netduino board completely using gold pin and 3.3v and he wasnt able to reinstall without the netduino tiny booterdecompressor.bin file. So I decided to deploy netduinoplus 4.2 tiny booterdecompressor.bin file on a netduino board since i dont have the tiny booterdecompressor.bin file for netduino. But fortunately I was able to write a program to blink the ondoard led and some output ports connected with leds by adding reference to SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware.Netduino; However, im just wondering whether
1 netduinoplus has a backward compatibility to netduino ??and
2 will this cause problems with some other future coding with this current configuration??, or
3 will it work just fine??
Please someone shed some light, or otherwise give me the link to download netduino firmware. Thanks very much in advanced.

You can find the legacy firmware in the Downloads section of this web site. I would recommend replacing the firmware with the correct firmware.


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Thanks very much Mark