Deploy VS App via TCP/IP

Hello. I am trying to deploy my C# app directly from VS2013-15 to my N3 wifi via TCP/IP but VS says it cannot open port 26000. (It says I am not declaring any port. Also, in MFDeploy I can connect to the N3 but cannot retrieve its “device info”. Error: Not supported.

I have searched everywhere for some help on this but to no avail. A remote device needs to be able to be updated remotely like I can do on the RPi.

Otherwise, I have to use USB which always works.



Deployment over networks is not currently supported, the only way to update and application at the moment is using USB.


Thanks Nevyn!!! I will try to remember that. The older I get the less RAM I have.

I know the feeling. I have told my body to start putting old information into offline storage. Unfortunately it’s decided to use my waist for offline storage.