Debugging App VS2019


What is the best way of debugging the application at runtime for the Meadow? Trying to track down a bug. But cannot figure out how to trace…

This is reaching the final stages of development and should be available in the near future.


I’m trying to debug with version 6 Beta. Any clue?


Hi there,

I’m seeing the same error since updating to BETA 6.0.

Debugging not working.

Has anyone had any help on this issue yet?

I haven’t, despite several messages / e-mails!


Is anyone from WL actually reading this forum?

Unbelievably poor customer service.

I have the same debug problem. I don’t know if anybody from Wilderness Labs monitors these forums. I’m new here, just got my meadows board. I used to use the Netduino boards for projects, and I never had hardware or software problems with them - they just worked. I’m not so sure about my future with these boards if I can’t open up a debug session and step through the code. It’s not very pleasant to have to write out messages to the console for Debugging. I hope we get a response soon.

BTW - Solved the problem by upgrading to Visual Studio 2022.