Could not find library 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll'

It happens also when i simply let the code skeleton(the one generated when i choose new/project/Arduino application universal -Visual Basic-).
without writing any custom code.

Does programming in need some peculiar framework?

The error indicating the missing file shows the path in wich i indeed find actually the file.


Do i have to register the server dll? (Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll).

I installed
*)arduinoSdk v.5
*)netmfvs vsix
*)netmfvs-v.4.3.2 - sdk-QFE2-RTM
Following the “official” instructions.

I use Netduino plus 2/ Visual studio pro 2015

You most likely need Netduino SDK instead arduino. I have not tried using VB with Netduino personally.

Ah, ok, sorry, errata corrige: i use netDuinoSdk v.5 (not Arduino sdk).

Updated the firmware (NetduinoPlus2_4_3_2_1).
Checked the path, the file "Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll exixsts,the path is correct, but dll seems having no entry point (error message given trying to register with regsvr32).

Don’t understand.

W10 64bits my OS

Using regsvr32 was a “desperate solution” after failing repetitively trying to “register” the library with gacutil.

Hi, Can you explain how you used regsvr32 to fix this? I have the same problem - "Error BC2017: could not find library ‘Micorsoft.VisualBasic.dll’

You have probably to use gacutil, but it’snot easy.
I reinstalled 3 vesrions of visual studio and now the ptoblem i sone.
I’m sorry not to be able to say how.

Thanks… I found a fix for this in the end. The below link details the steps used, should anyone else have the same problem.

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@Spencer_Bird Thanks a lot