Converting mcp2515 to Meadow

Hi Guys,

I am working on a can bus project, and is in the process of converting a netduino library to the Meadow platform.

I got it transmitting can bus, but I cant get the baudrate to work. It transmits at 666 k/bits no matter what I do.

What is the ABP2 clock speed? I can see in datasheets it maximum is 108 Mhz, but I believe I need to calculate new values for bittiming for the mcp2515 compared to the netduino values.

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Any progress on this?

Hi Tomas, no. It is working as default with a baud of 666 Mbits but i cant make it work with other rates.

I am stuck at the moment with other projects but i will continue

I’m curious, do you use the CAN transceiver in the stm32 and porting the library to use st’s Can or the actual mcp2515 on spi?
If the ST can, which time quantas did you try?
I was on my way to write a canbus library but saw your post and thought we could collaborate :slight_smile:

I am using a spi board, called Niren can bus - a cheap module with a mcp2515 controller and tja1050 transceiver.

The optimal way would be a transciever to the stm32 can, but that is way above my knowledge in the current meadow world.

I have been using the board many times with arduino, but I just love coding in c# so that is why i would like to port it.

I can share my azure devops repo with you, then you can have a look.

Hi, I had notifications turned off so i didnt see your post. Any progress? i just connected an mcp25625 to the meadow and remembered your posts. i was going to use the can on the stm32 but it seems it’s not done in core. and writing it all in foundation would probably take more than a weekends hack.